Forging Leaders Through Technology

Forging Leaders Through Technology

25 Apr 18:00 by Maria


In this day and age, technology plays an integral role in our lives. Every action we undertake is entwined with technology. From our iPhones to the smartwatch which records the calories you burn while walking to the train, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something which we have come to depend on. But is this a blessing or a curse?

A factory worker, for example, who has recently made redundant by a machine would consider technology to be more detrimental to their lives. But on the flipside, the man with a prosthetic limb or a woman whose life has been saved due to the benefits of radiotherapy and advanced medical technology, would feel completely different, seeing technology as beneficial to their lives.

There are definite pros and cons to the ever-advancing technological era we are living in. Social skills are eroded with the convenience of social media and AI and the importance of face-to-face communication has been devaluated. For sure, technological advancements have enabled us to live cheaper and more convenient lives, but it also gradually destroys human character. We find ourselves becoming crippled by our dependance on technology, the idea of no wifi surges the same feeling of horror as the fire alarm would.

However, if technology was looked at objectively; as a tool, then it would be clearly observed that if used moderately, it would just be a harbinger for evolution, signalling the need for adaption. It is impossible to cling to relevance while shunning technology. When the majority of the world is connected through the internet, the exclusion or inactivity from technological advancement would be shooting oneself on the foot. Should one be able to learn how to maintain their humanity and wield technology as a weapon rather than a crutch or obstacle, the person would be reckoned a true leader of the 21st century. One who would be able to be a ‘Big Player’, of the likes of David Rubenstein, Phil Knight, Howard Marks, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk. All of whom have upheld a remarkable ability to keep learning and this desire for self-improvement while grasping onto their own identities has enabled them to achieve their respective success.

In the present day, a person who can conduct a smooth and amiable conversation while also using technology to connect with this person, is one who is on their way to mastering the advantages provided by the rise in technology while employing age-old skills of human interaction. This can loosen the purse strings faster than any bright ads or gimmicks. Steve Jobs, the late CEO and Founder of Apple, went as far as to say:

“Technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that makes our hearts sing.” 

The foundation of trust and reliability is laid firmer when using a blend of old and new methods.

The players of this game easily make fortunes and amass a wealth of deep, meaningful and fruitful connections. The people who are able to leverage on all forms of communication are almost always superior to those who are skeptical of, or obsessed with technology. Being able to adapt and acclimatize to these changes brings out and defines the leadership capability in an individual. Technology has both postive and negative effects of usage. It is easy to criticise and cast aside new ideas for the tried-and-tested ones, but this need for continual growth is penultimate to success.