NUS Entrepreneurship Launchpad

NUS Entrepreneurship Launchpad

25 Dec 15:00 by Joseph Santhosh


NUS Entrepreneurship Launchpad

Camino represented at the NUS Entrepreneurship event. This is to stay in tune with the creative and innovative trends in the local scene.

NUS Entrepreneurship Launchpad is a 3-Day event organised by NES, supported by NUS Enterprise, in collaboration with both External and University organisations including Student Societies, Start-Ups, Government Statutory Boards, Venture Capitalists, and Industry Specialists.

The ideas and topics shared and discussed were thought provoking and scintillating. It was a perfect fusion of technology and entrepreneurship, based on the interests of this day and age.

We pride ourselves at being constantly in touch with the dynamic HR tech startup ecosystem. Our new product lines are in the process of being launched.