Company Profile

Camino is an International Human Capital advisory and consulting firm. We specialize in Executive Search, Leadership Development and Talent Acquisition solutions to our customers. We work with Boards, Owner and Leadership teams to understand the goals and identified leadership gaps in their organizations. Our researched and qualified database of 1 million professionals and their network sector worldwide helps us find the right candidate in the shortest time span. Our Offices across the world makes it easy for customer reach.

What Makes Camino Different?

Industry Specialists
Camino works exclusively with the Engineering & Construction, Healthcare & Lifesciences, Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and are specialists in these sectors. This means, we understand our client’s needs very well and are best positioned to provide answers to their questions. We find Leadership roles (CEO, President, MD) and specialist roles such as CFO, General Counsel, CHRO, we offer our services across industries. 

Consultants with specific Expertise and Experience 
Consultants in Camino are hired keeping in mind that our strength is to provide support to very specific industries. We are consistently developing our competence and honing our expertise by engaging in-house learning, external institutions such as Kellogg School of Management, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Madras, Singapore Management University among others. This sharp focus on growth ensures that we speak and understand the same language as that of our clients and candidates. 

Passionate about Human Capital
The business of recruitment is what drives us. This means that once we agree to take a mandate from our clients, we will execute the assignment in the most professional way. We take accountability, meet with, and get to know our clients to familiarise ourselves with the requirements.  We take the initiative to personally meet with all prospective candidates and ensure closures, to create a familial atmosphere. Our recruitment is done precisely, comprehensively and professionally; using our standard search methodology.

Up-to-Date in the Market 
Through structured trainings, workshops and seminars, we ensure our Consultants are up-to-date on market information as well as latest trends in the all the industries we specialise in. We participate in major Conferences, roundtable discussions and are panellists in various strategic events. We, at Camino, are never afraid to roll up our sleeves.